How to put on your comfort set

Put the pads on first. Be careful peeling up the adhesive.  

Slide the switch into LABO headset

Lay the headset screen down & open both sets of flaps  

Open & lift the top up

Lay the straps on the inside

*The two smaller straps go to the left and right, while the longer strap goes up through the top vent

Tuck this tab end of the strap underneath the switch

Try tucking it in as much as you can. This acts like an anchor for the straps and will take more of the weight off your face.

Bring the vertical strap through the vent cutout at the top & closest to the middle

Flip the screen down onto the straps

Now close the top up

and the sides

Feed the straps through the side openings of the buckle

Now stick the straps back onto themselves

Now feed the vertical strap through the top opening on the buckle, then back onto itself (onto the strap)  


Now just adjust it to your head. Ideally you want the horizontal strap looser and the vertical strap tighter to take the weight off your face.

and you're Done.

Go have fun you crazy kids, but make sure to take breaks from time to time

Design patent pending

Made in New York