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How to apply your Imperial Grips

Step 1 - Take Your Time

You don't want to rush putting these on. Like any adhesive they lose their "adhesiveness" if you take them off and reapply them. So take your time lining them up first before sticking them to the controller. Just follow these steps, don't jump ahead, and you'll be happy you were patient.

Step 2 - Clean your controller

Included in your package is an alcohol prep pad. Use this to clean your controller of all the gunk and oils so the grips adhere best. After cleaning your controller with the prep pad, give it a second wipe with a damp paper towel so it's squeaky clean.

Step 3 - Line 'em up

Okay, time to put on those grips. First carefully remove the white backing from the grips without ripping off the adhesive layer. Good. Now you'll notice there's little notches on the grips. One side has two, the other has three. We're going to start with the side that has three and flip the controller over.
Without pressing down yet, you're going to line up those three notches to specific spots on the controller. The easiest way is to hover the grip close to the controller while you line them up. Start with the top notch and try to line it up to the straight line that runs under the triggers. At the same time, line up the small notch to the bottom of the battery door. You can lightly press down on the top notch to keep it in place while you line up the bottom notch.
XBOX-Grips-Instructions- Step 1.png

Step 4 - Smooth Jazz

Alright! Now that everything's pretty much lined up, you're just going to start smoothing this bad boy down. Starting with the line that runs from the top notch to the bottom notch. This will keep everything in place. Then you can smooth down the rest without touching the side of the controller just yet.
XBOX-Grips-Instructions- Step 2.png

Step 5 - Now the side

Awesome now we can work on the side & the front. You're just going to drag your finger from the back of the grip to the front keeping a straight line. Make sure to stay above the major point on the front of the grip or the grip will look crooked. 
Side-view-white-controller step 6.jpg
XBOX-Grips-Instructions- Step 3.png

Step 6 - Almost Done

Just one last tricky part you're almost done. After you smoothed that line down in step 5 now you can smooth along the front edge of the grip.
Side-view-white-controller step 7.jpg
Now just smooth down the rest near the top and bottom of the grip and you are done! The other side is almost identical to the first one but this time try to line up that little notch to the same spot the other small notch is. You may have placed it a little north or south of the bottom of the battery door so just try to match it as best you can. Then just follow steps 3-6.
 The triggers and thumb grips are pretty self explanatory. Have fun & enjoy.
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