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Nintendo Switch Pro Controller & JoyCon Grips Coming Soon

Yes. After many requests, we created our signature grips for the switch pro controller & the joycons. So whether you're playing docked or handheld, you get a better grip. Sign up for updates.

Cool. We'll let you know asap.

new arrivals

 Sweat Proof Grips for XBOX One

  • First of its kind solution for sweaty gamers
  • Soft Rubber Coating
  • Moves sweat away from your hands
  • Antimicrobial
  • Low profile / Not bulky
  • Comfortable even if your hands aren't sweaty
  • Works for mild & crazy sweaty hands

Stop interrupting your gameplay

Ruining your controllers

Losing levels / lives because of your damn sweaty hands 


Frequently Asked Questions

Why are my

hands sweating?

It's really just stress sweat. Some of us have sweaty hands all the time but others might only sweat when they play a certain game or even a certain level like a boss fight. But in those moments it's crazy frustrating because it takes you out of the game. 

How are these different / better?

These grips are the first to actually absorb and actively wick sweat away from your hand so it can start evaporating. Other rubberized grip type solutions don't do anything for sweat they just make it worse. It's like if your underarms were sweaty, you wouldn't put a rubber shirt on right? But it's also convenience too. It's easier than gloves, fans, or antiperspirants. You just pick up the controller and start playing.

Can I just keep them on my controller forever?

It depends. People sweat differently and since these pull sweat away from your hands, eventually you might want to replace them but it will be a while before you need to do that.

Are pigs really that sweaty?

Surprisingly no. They roll around in mud to cool off. Wait why are we talking about this?


Thanks for submitting!


Let us know if you have any questions

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